Connie Aluoch Styling Management

Spring 2023 Final Exam at United States International University (USIU)

The students put to practice practical skills learnt throughout the semester on creative Styling and SFX makeup . Grace Murema of Grycelle Studio and Connie Aluoch facilitated the Exam and mentored the students on what to improve on as they transition to the industry.

Practical Session Special Effects Face Wound
Practical Session Special Effects Bullet wound.
Group 1 presentation : Helen dressed as Ted's Girlfriend with a Thigh Special Effects wound.
Group 2 Presentation : Dressed as Mendoza , Cartel Queen with Bullet Special Effects wound to the Arm
Group 3 Presentation : Dressed As Ted, Boyfriend with a Special Effects Wound to the Face .
Group 4 Presentation : Dressed as Gost , Handy Man with multiple head wounds and a Special effects wound to the Hand.

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