The Nuralains was founded by two sisters Nasra and Benazir Nuralain in 2019. The brand is a celebration of modesty, timeless elegance and targets individuals who appreciate refined fashion that transcends trends and fads. The Nuralain woman embraces a fusion of style and modesty. Michelle in the Nuralains waist coat set Serena w

Sheer Poise, ready-to-wear fashion brand based in Nairobi and was founded in 2017 by Creative Director Thia Owor. Thia is a self taught designer whose collections are inspired by nature. The brands collections offer comfortable, versatile, and classic apparel that encourages their client to individuals to fully embrace themselve

  Mussie Milkana from Eritrea is the creative lead and founder of the brand. Her fashion journey started in Kenya when she attended the Mcensal School of Fashion between 2018-2023. She had already established her brand in 2018 but opted to enhance her creative skills at Mcensal School of Fashion. The brand is fuse of […]

The Craftpreneur is a Made in Kenya brand founded in 2021 by Ms Carole who is also the creative director. Initially the business focused on beautiful Ankara themed aprons, bucket hats and bags but slowly evolved into the 2 main products currently which is Brass Jewelry and Crotchet dolls . This was informed by client […]

 Anchor Leather and Crafts was established in 2018 by Isabell Wambui. The brand specializes in the production of high-quality leather bags and leather accessories. Anchor Leather also produces jewelry, pottery and ceramics. The brands target market is middle to high end customers both local and international. The brand has crea

Kokio is female owned brand that was founded in August 2020 during the pandemic and the name Kokio originates from the summer Hibiscus flower that blooms uniquely to show off its beauty and splendour. The brands pieces are designed with various hues and prints, depicting the Kokio flower. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to f

Dhana Vito was founded in 2018 by Wanjiru Njenga, what began as a hobby in the university to earn a little pocket money for lunch turned into a full-blown business in 2020. Wanjiru who also is a creative person had already been experimenting with sculpture and beadwork at the University before finally discovering metalwork. Sinc