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Warren Kamau: Yet Not I

 Warren Kamau is a young promising designer who graduated from Mcensal School of Fashion and Design in March this year. He presented a collection called “Yet Not I.” which is a 12 garment collection, designed by him. Warren also works as a Creative Director for a  collaborative project called “Project OCTOBER*” that consists of 12 creatives.

The collection “Yet Not I” development begun in 2022 as a final college project, the same year “Project OCTOBER” was founded by him, Oscar O’neal and Reuben Wangaruro, who are the project photographer’s who filmed the development process of the collection.

The collection’s aim is to tap into our emotional and spiritual side and can be found on Youtube titled Project October.

Cone shaped Dress - The Hierarchy of Beings garment modeled by Paige Wamuyu.
Red dyed skirt with pages on top - The blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church modeled by Mitchelle Chege
Warren Kamau
Model Kennedy Odamo in the Catharsis garment, and Elaine Karinga in the garment Wisdom is justified of all her children
White coat with rhinestones - Popule Meus, quid feci tibi (My people what have I done) modelled by Loter lodukae
The Tripartite Soul modelled by Alex Mailu, Philip Waiganjo, Nzile Mwamba

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