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Congratulations to Connie Aluoch on her recent interview with Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency. Connie shared her insights on the importance of working collaborations between local stylists and designers.

Kenya Female Firsts

20 October 2021

Paukwa Stories thank you for celebrating women who broke gender barriers in different spheres and have shown us that values and discipline put us on the road to success. They are our Mothers, our Sisters, our Aunties and our Daughters.

Connie Aluoch is honored to be recognized amongst these great women.



The Star, 28 May 2021 – 15:07

Top fashion icons and models set the pace for Madaraka day celebrations in their unique designed outfits.

Their motivation is their love and compassion for being an African woman.

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Connie Aluoch and Carole Kinoti

Fashionomics Africa, 22nd December 2020

Connie is featured on Fashionomics Africa talks on fashion inclusivity and future of fashion styling in Africa.

Change you Game| Channel Africa, 18 DECEMBER 2020

Connie Aluoch shares her journey as a fashion stylist and inspiring the up coming generation as a lecturer.

(Business Now | Citizen TV, November 2020)

Connie shares insights on the fashion industry and what’s next in the years to come.

(Woman Kenya, 2020)

Connie Aluoch launches comfortable and versatile Little Afro Dress

Kenya’s iconic fashion stylist Connie Aluoch is set to launch a fashion line dubbed Little Afro Dress, which according to the award-winning stylist and scholar is, “Our very own version of the Little Black Dress (LBD).”

The Little Black Dress associated with power, elegance and simplicity; is often described as the uniform of choice for some of the most iconic women in history including Audrey Hepburn, the late Princess Diana and Coco Chanel. Connie is partnering with a seasoned fashion designer Carole Kinoti to create LAD brand, “a comfortable, versatile dress for the African woman.”

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Carol Kinoti-36

(2020: Connie as a speaker at FFIP World Media Congress)

The FIPP World Media Congress brings together the world’s most important media leaders. It has a unique global footprint, with delegates from more than 40 countries and representing some of the world’s most iconic media and tech businesses and brands.

Connie Aluoch is one of the speakers. More info here

Certified international fashion faculty

(The Nairobian newspaper, 2017)

Starting her styling journey at Instituto Marangoni in Milan a few years ago where she undertook her fashion training, she is now a faculty staff of the esteemed institution.

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Connie Aluoch- 10 tips on looking your professional best

(The Nairobian newspaper, 2017)

Connie gives 10 tips on looking professional and still  embrace your style.

1. Invest in classic pieces

For ladies, this would be a basic black skirt, a black pair of trousers and a black dress. These can you from your board meeting to your evening cocktail meet. I have about four pairs of black pants and six black jackets. But they are all different styles. Some are dinner jackets, day jackets, while others are more casual. I also own numerous tank tops in different colours because I can wear them with anything.

 For gentlemen, classic pieces would be fitted suits. Have them in the basic colours –black, navy blue and grey. Also have basic shirts in white, pastel blue and pink.

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Of self-made women who have gone against the grain

(Evewoman magazine, 2019) 

Connie Aluoch is the daughter of two prominent public figures; Dr. Aluoch, a leading respiratory specialist and Justice Aluoch, a judge of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. One would imagine, with such high calibre parents, that Connie would use their influence to promote her styling management business. Connie has however, insisted on building her career on her own merit through 7 years of hard work and sacrifice.

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Fashion stylist Connie Aluoch in New York, gives talk

(The Standard newspaper, 2019)

Renowned fashion stylist Connie Aluoch was at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for a talk. Dubbed ‘My Style Story’ her talk was about her experience as an international student there and her journey in fashion since she left the institution. She also discussed her advertising campaign for fashion company Truworth’s.

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The Detail is in the Clothes: Connie Aluoch on her journey in becoming the most respected Fashion Stylist in Kenya

(TDS blog, 2015)

Connie Aluoch is one of the key players in one the fastest growing industries in Kenya, style and beauty. She defines a fashion stylist as someone responsible for creating a ‘look’ for a model or person and deciding what a person wears. If you read True Love Magazine, then the styling for the covers are done by Connie Aluoch.

Click here to read more about her journey

Press Picture 2

Pearls & Heels

(Potent Ash, 2017)

She is a well-known name in fashion circles. You have probably seen her work in magazines and tv although you might not know that Connie Aluoch is the stylist behind the beautiful stylish people you see. Today on Pearls and Heels we feature Connie Aluoch who runs a Styling and Image Consultancy agency “Connie  Aluoch Styling Management” which was established in 2011. Her team is in charge of the KTN Anchors Image Grooming, and Overall Appearance. They style celebrities for the cover of True Love East Africa Magazine, and they have a weekly fashion column in the Nairobian Newspaper. Connie also lectures on fashion at the University of Nairobi School of Arts and Design.

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Clothes maketh the man… and Connie picks them

(Business Daily, 2016)

Is it important to mention that Connie Aluoch attended Istituto Marangoni in Italy, the same fashion school that Dolce & Gabbana attended?

Might it also be important that she says she is the only one with a Master’s degree in fashion styling in the region? Or that she lectures on fashion and styling at the University of Nairobi and Daystar University, the first person to teach that course?

Find out how Connie’s journey started here

Press Pictures- 5

Meet Connie Aluoch

(, 2017)

Talking to internationally renowned Kenyan fashion stylist Connie Aluoch is one of those moments one takes to heart for a long time. The Kenyan fashion guru not only has a welcoming personality but getting to know her life story and accomplishments leaves you fueled up with an ‘I can do it’ attitude. A true passionate achiever, Connie’s fashion career as a stylist has seen her backstage at the glamorous events of New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks. She has also styled many Africa-based celebrities and is the official stylist for the KTN (Kenya Television Network). FA254 had a talk with Connie about her career and how it all begun. 

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Connie Aluoch on Africa Fashion Insights

(Fashionimics Africa, 2017)

African Fashion is Booming because of the following reasons:

  • Unemployment of Younger Generation
    According to the Internal Labor of Organization in Sub-Saharan Africa 50% of graduates are unemployed. This forces them to look for alternative ways to make a living in Arts and Fashion 
  • Globalisation

Globalisation with the free movement of services, goods, people, technology and information. New trends and information can empower innovation. E.g. Online shopping on Jumia etc

Check out more insights shared by Connie here


Kenya celebrates the best – Connie Aluoch

(Fashionpreneur Kenya, 2015)

As a child Connie vividly remembers watching Elsa Klensch on CNN “Style” program and dreaming of one day becoming a name to reckon with in the fashion industry. From modest beginnings at Evelyn College of Design in Kenya Connie has over the past ten years steadily built her career in the fashion industry and developed her time management and organizational skills. She knows that without commitment and determination it will be very hard to remain in the cutthroat fashion industry.

Get to know what has made Connie stand out in the fashion industry here