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Ankole Luxury

Ankole luxury is a sustainable Handmade Kenya Brand that celebrates the artistry of local craftsmanship, specializing in exquisite jewelry crafted using ethically sourced materials which include repurposed horn, brass and semi-precious stones. The brand was founded in 2019 by self-made entrepreneur Veronica Gakio. 


Combined with brass accents and adorned with semi-precious stones, the jewelry embodies individuality and refined craftsmanship. In its commitment to empower communities the brand collaborates with skilled local artisans, fostering a partnership that brings authenticity and tradition to every creation. The brand also collaborates with women from rural communities to create hand crocheted bags that are accentuated and finished off  with genuine Kenyan leather to enhance quality and durability.

The brand has accessorized prominent personalities such as Sheila Mwanyigha and Dr Sylvia Moraa Akinsu.

Gabu Otieno wearing the Amana Necklace paired with Nadira Necklace
Suzanne Oselu adorned with the Lemba Chocker and Jelani Cuff Bangle
Ankole Luxury Founder Veronica Gakio
The Green Hand Crocheted Jadi Bag
Angela Wambui wearing the Nala Chocker and Khari dark horn ring
Suzanne Osule with the Jadi Crochet bag

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