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Suhani Mara

Meera R Shah of Indian descent born and raised in Kenya is the Founder and visionary behind Suhani Mara. She is inspired by her diverse background and upbringing. Jewelry and art are in part of her lineage with a childhood marked by beachside rock exploration, listening to stories from her father of the traders from afar bringing their beautiful beads for trade to the coastal line Meera credits most her creativity and style to her father, Ramesh Hemraj Shah, an accomplished self-taught silversmith, craftsman and designer, who unknowingly paved the path for her creative journey.

The brand Suhani Mara’ which means ‘pleasant, beautiful, mine’ is named after Meera’s daughter Suhani who adores jewelry just like her mother. Suhani Mara represents the evolution of Meera’s passion for antique jewelry and unique materials, coupled with her modern flair for design and spiritual connection to nature using Antique, upcycled and Sterling Silver, Gold, Antique beads, Fossils, Precious Gemstones and other raw materials which forms the basis of of the bespoke pieces that she creates. 

Sonam Shah and Gabu Ford models wearing exclusive neck pieces with antique upcycled Niger bangles, antique corals, handmade leather, rings and earrings.
Sandra Nicoleta and Sonam Shah and Kiruhi Juliet wearing two-finger rings, Ammolite fossil pendants, Antique coral and silver bead upcycled chokers and upcycled earrings from bangles .

In Kenya, prominent figures including visual artist Nedia Were and media personality Pinky Ghelani have worn Suhani Mara’s creations. Over the years, the brand’s influence expands to Embassies, USAID, ICIPE, and Trade Shows across the US, UK and Japan attracting a diverse clientele ranging from local to global audiences.

Her pieces are also stocked at Langata Links, Artisanal Gallery and select wildlife lodges.

Meera shares that “My jewelry is not for everybody, but those who are comfortable with who they are and want a piece of Mother nature, will definitely want to own every piece they can get their hands on.”

Gertrude Gatwiri wearing White dendritic Agates, Labradorite and Cochina Druzy quartz from Brazil with antique silvers necklace with sterling silver adjustable rings with bone, Ethiopian Opals, Pearl, Druzy agate quartz and Rose quartz in sterling silvers.
Nutan Pandit is wearing our Signature Ostrich eggshell collection with matt finish silvers and various stones.
Suhani and Leilani wearing our Kids collection designed by Suhani herself from hand drawn and cut silver flowers to her rainbows with little clouds to bracelets and star pendants.
Visual Artist Nedia Were and Meera Ramesh - Suhani Mara founder Wearing Suhani Mara Antique and African pieces with chrysocolla earrings.

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