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Cittifficial Clothing

Cittifficial is an award-winning leading fashion brand based in Nairobi. The brand is reknown for its years of experience in exceptional quality, sartorial excellence  and elegant transformation of fabrics to bespoke masterpieces. Cittifical Clothing specializes in beautifully crafted custom garments for both men and women.  The brand has dressed Cabinet Secretary Dr Nakumicha , Winnie Odinga , Dj Moh  and Size 8.

Cittifficial Founder : Bray Okut.
Janet Treazar wearing a White trouser suit.
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila In Matching Couple Outfits.
Danson Mateya and Evelyn Njeri in matching couples outfit.
Client bridal party dressed by Cittifficial Clothing
Client bridal party dressed by Cittifficial Clothing

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