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Milkana Designs


Mussie Milkana from Eritrea is the creative lead and founder of the brand. Her fashion journey started in Kenya when she attended the Mcensal School of Fashion between 2018-2023. She had already established her brand in 2018 but opted to enhance her creative skills at Mcensal School of Fashion. The brand is fuse of Eritrean-inspired designs with Ankara vibrant prints, seamlessly fusing tradition with a modern and contemporary flair.


The brand uses traditional fabrics from her Eritrean heritage that is meticulously embroidered by hand to achieve a unique aesthetic finish. The brands distinctive style of  merging Eritrean culture with Ankara fabrics has created a loyal clientele in Nairobi from ready-to-wear garments to custom-made outfits for special occasions. Milkana targets clients who appreciate the beauty of cultural fusion and contemporary styles.


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