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Global Glam Kapemono

Global Glam Kapemono (Cape +Kimono) was founded in 2016 out of passion for fashion and makeup. Kerry Scott, Founder and Chief Creative Designer of Global Glam Kapemono had worked as a professional Make-up artist for almost 20 years  working with Giorgio Armani Beauty , NARS,  and Bobbi Brown cosmetics and developed an eye for seeing the blend of colours and textures.


Global Glam Kapemono (GGK) is a fusion of African and Asian cultural influences. Each Kapemono can be styled in more than 40 different ways, making it a wearable and cost saving masterpiece that never fails to turn heads. Each design is a testament to our love affair with unconventional materials and fabrics.

Catering to a diverse clientele, Global Glam Kapemono embraces a unisex approach, appealing to individuals seeking distinctive and extraordinary fashion statements. The uniqueness of our pieces is intended to be cherished by all . Global Glam Kapemono has had the privilege of dressing women from all ranks in various industries, including entertainment, broadcasting, public speakers, and Government officials.

The brand is based in Nairob,i Kenya and offers worldwide shipping for  diaspora clients.

Global Glam Founder Kerry Scott
Lynette Mathari and Kaswii wearing the Long and short Kapemono Retro
Global Glam Founder Kerry Scott dressed in the short Kapemono Blue Tiger
Global Glam Founder Kerry Scott dressed in the long Kapemono color Trans
Global Glam Founder Kerry Scott and Lynette Mathari dressed in the long and short Kapemono Curly Blues
Global Glam Founder Kerry Scott dressed in the Long Kapemono Cheetah Queen

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