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ATFU Collection

ATFU Collection was founded in 2020 . ATFU stands for A Tailor From Ukwala. Tony Oketch is a designer who loves his roots hence the name Ukwala which is his hometown in Siaya, Nyanza. From childhood he has loved Art and fashion and even though he trained and worked as a  chemistry  teacher he eventually resigned to pursue fashion. 

ATFU specializes in men’s and ladies’ suits, African fashion, bridal outfits, and corporate designs. The ATFU target client is a demographic with an eye for unique and quality pieces. 

They are based in Kisumu but deliver countrywide and abroad.

This Navy blue 2-piece suit is designed for a man ready to take on the world. Model : Tony Oketch.
Norah dressed in a pin-striped suit .
Tony Oketch dressed in a Navy Blue Agbada with golden accents
Julie Nya’ John dressed in a Ruffled Skyblue Gown

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