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Mwotaji Tribe Of Dreamers

Mwotaji tribe of dreamers is an African sportwear brand founded by 22 year old Muli N Muindi. Muli is an athlete and author of the Narrow Path. Mwotaji is the Swahili word for “The Dreamer” The brand is inspired by the richness that is found in the African continent & also has roots of modern minimalism in their collections. Mwotaji aims to bring together a tribe of people who are on the life long journey towards becoming the top 1% of high achievers.

Mwotaji’s target clientele is footballer, golfers and people who practice an active lifestyle.

The brand is currently online and can be found at pop up events in the sports and wellness events.

Mutahi Kibugu wearing the Mwotaji Embroidered Hoodie
Mutanu Muindi wearing our zip up embroidered hoodie with Mutahi Kibugu
Tinda Jr & Mike Ngabo wearing our Grey P Vest
Mike Ngabo wearing the Grey Performance Vest
The Mwotaji team Mutahi Kibugu, Mike Ngabo, Charlton Wasike, Mutanu Muindi and Muli Muindi
Charlton Wasike wearing our Black P Vest

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