Deepa Dosaja Limited

Deepa Dosaja is a leading fashion designer with international recognition and she uses her platform to speak about the impact fashion has on the environment and the fashion community.  Her collections are known for their elegance and playfulness with the signature stunning color combinations, embroidery, and hand-painted flowers seen throughout.

Signature Deepa Dosaja Floral embroidery

Her brand started out as Vabene Couture in the 90s then later in 2013 she opened a boutique in Nairobi and rebranded as Deepa Dosaja.

From its earliest days, Deepa Dosaja Limited (DDL) has been founded on the twin pillars of ethics and beauty. The DDL brand has always believed in producing sustainable environmentally friendly clothes and is proud to have created constant employment for its artisans.

A model in Luisa bust twist dress and Rita feather shawl as showcased at Social House during the Sunday Fashion Brunch (24 April 2022)
Wool poncho and Leopard Julia jumpsuit as showcased at Social House during the Sunday Fashion Brunch (24 April 2022

Her recent limited collection is made for real women who have real experiences consists of timeless, intentional pieces that all work together to create an easy yet versatile wardrobe.

A model showcasing the Organza wrap top and crepe princess skirt
A model in Plaid Big Collar sleeveless coat and knee-length black diversity dress
Designer Deepa Dosaja
Instagram: @deepa.dosaja
Located in Nairobi at Old Loresho Shopping Centre, Loresho Ridge.

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