Zamara Group – Personal Branding & Executive PresenceTraining

We had an interactive session training  the Senior Managers and Advisors of Zamara Group on the importance of building a strong Personal Brand and developing  Executive Presence as leaders. Key topics covered were The impact of first Impressions  and  the  7Cs of Executive Presence.

Connie during training
Connie during training
Ice breaker session
Pitching Session with Zamara Team Members
James Karora and Maureen Chege of the Zamara Group

Training on Personal Branding & Fine Dining Etiquette with Diageo Brand Ambassadors

Connie Aluoch in partnership with Victoria Mulu-Munywoki  conducted a training on Personal Branding and Fine Dining Etiquette. Victoria is the first Kenyan Native Sommelier with over 10 years of experience. The trainees represent the various range of Diageo products.   

Key topics covered by Connie included First Impressions, Grooming, Brand Reputation and Brand Communication

Victoria’s had a practical session on the Fine Dining Etiquette and highlighted key rules that must be observed during fine dining. 

Connie’s session on Personal Branding.
Victoria’s practical session on Fine Dining.
Trainees practical session on Fine Dining.
Team picture Nick Mutinda -Head of Reserve Luxury and Key Accounts (EABL), Nduku Wamakau – Business Development Manager Diageo Luxury Portfolio, Victoria, Connie and the Brand Ambassadors.

Creative Styling Class at United States International University (USIU)

The main goal of Creative Styling is to equip the students with skills on how to select costumes and accessories for film characters based on a script. The session covered both theoretical and practical aspects of creative styling.

Connie lecturing.
Clothing Selection for the class
Accessories Selection for the Class
Students selecting costumes for styling
Group work selection of Costumes for charcters.
Group 1 presentation: Character styled as a young lawyer in Teal Top and black skirt.
Group 2 Presentation: Character styled as a young tech gentleman in a cream blazer attending an investor meeting.
Group 3 presentation: The character styled as a 19-year-old seeking attention in a red hat, accessories, and Little Black Dress.
Group 4 presentation: Character styled a blue shirt, navy blazer and brown khaki pants as a 45-year-old wannabe cool guy.

SPECIAL EFFECTS  MAKEUP (SFX) Class at United States International University (USIU)

Grace Murema of Grycelle Studio is an Award-winning and certified Special Effects Makeup Artist and was a Guest Lecturer last month and she trained the students on key aspects of Special Effects. Grace demonstrated to the students how to create gun wounds; entry and exit wounds. The students then paired up in groups of 2 to practice creating both entry and exit wounds.

The guiding image for the entry gunshot wound.
Guest lecturer Grace
Guest lecturer Grace demonstrating on a model
The entry wound
The exit wound
Practical exercises with Students creating gunshot wounds on each other.
Practical exercises with Students creating gunshot wounds on each other.
Practical exercises with Students creating gunshot wounds on each other.
Practical exercises with Students creating gunshot wounds on each other.
Practical exercises with Students creating gunshot wounds on each other.

Powering Fashion Made in Kenya Hosted by Shop Zetu

Wandia Gichuru Co-founder and CEO of VIVO with the flagship brands Vivo Woman, Safari & Zoya hosted an interactive session on ‘Made in Kenya’ at the Sarova Panafric Hotel on 18th July. The key agenda was to discuss the opportunities and challenges “Made in Kenya” faces. In attendance were fashion and textile stakeholders, stylists, designers, influencers, manufacturers, fashion associations and policy makers. The discussions covered various  issues that the Kenyan Fashion Industry is facing and what changes can be made.  

Anne Mutahi -SME Advisor to the President highlighted the need to understand the profile of the Kenyan Consumer & their purchasing power. Linda Mukangonga from Haute Baso Rwanda shared the successes of Rwanda’s fashion

Anne Mutahi speaking on the need to understand the Kenyan fashion consumer
Linda Mukangonga from Haute Baso Rwanda . Haute Baso is a lifestyle brand that creating unique clothing, accessories and jewelry based on the heritage of Rwandan artisanship.

The panel discussions was moderated by Media Personality Caroline Mutoko and panelists included Connie Aluoch Award Winning Fashion Stylist and Fashion Editor, Esther Nyawira of Elsie Glamour, Wakiuru Njuguna of HEVA, Patricia Kihoro Influencer & Storyteller and Mark Stephenson MD of Sandstorm Bags.

The discussion highlighted that lack of collaboration between designers, high cost of manufacturing, saturation and deficit in different parts of the value chain and poor visibility of fashion brands these are key factors that hinder growth in the fashion industry.  

Key recommendations from the discussions include the initiative of Connie featuring only Made in Kenya brands on her Sunday Nation Fashion Column & The Social Sunday Fashion Brunch that markets local designers. Patricia Kihoro mentioned that designers need to engage influencers to propel the narrative. Waikuru from HEVA encouraged designers to engage with the company for funding options and Mark highlighted that they are working on a platform called Opportunity Factory and this platform will increase visibility of local designers to the international market. Wandia encouraged

Connie Aluoch and Wandia Gichuru
From left: Connie Aluoch, Patricia Kihoro,Wandia Gichuru and Mark Stephenson
Panelist: Esther Nyawira founder of Elsie Glamour
Cris Njoki founder and CEO of Ikojn Live

Little Red: Made to Measure Experience

Luxury brand Little Red Africa recently hosted an Authentic Bespoke Experience with Master Tailors from Italian Fashion Houses Pal Zileri, Principe D’Eleganza, Sannino, and shoe company DIS (Design Italian Shoes)

The experience also included a private Cocktail Party on June 9th at the Social House where guests were able to meet with Master Tailors, view Collections and Book Appointments. The Bespoke experience was in partnership with Connie Aluoch Styling Management and Glenfiddich.

The Made to Measure Experience
Design Italian Shoes (DIS)
Fabric Samples from Italian Brand Sannino
Glenfiddich’s National Ambassador Mulunda Kombo
Connie with Master Tailors from Italian Brand Sannino
Connie with Master Tailor from Italian Brand Palzileri

Family Bank Training at SBS

Last month Connie conducted a training at SBS where she is Adjunct Faculty for the Family Bank Sales Team.The training focused on Personal Branding and Executive Presence.

Key topics covered during the training were First Impressions and Grooming, The 7Cs of Executive Presence – Confidence, Clarity, Control, Competence, Class, Connection, and Collaboration.

Connie during the session
Family Bank Sales team undergoing training
Trainees working on a project online to assess   their digital footprint 
Group project
Group project
Group presentations
Group presentations
Group Picture after a successful Training Session with the Family Bank Team.

Style is power and confidence

Because it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about opening doors. Style and personal branding communicate  who you are without having to speak. What you would like to say and how you would like to say it. 

I’ll make sure that whatever environment you are in, your confidence makes a lasting impression. 

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