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11 Jan

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamante earrings (Sh. 3,500), Kache by Angie, sequin dress (Sh. 7,000) clear strap heels (Sh. 6000) all from Purple Patch.

Silver drop earrings (Sh. 3,000) Accessorize with Style, black sequin dress (Sh. 1,800) Romannes, silver ankle cuff heels (Sh. 3900) Mode Chateau.

Black and gold sequin dress (Sh. 6,500) Mode Chateau, red bow ankle cuff heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Gold drop earrings (Sh. 4,000) Accessorize with Style, layered beaded (Stylists Own), gold sequin vest (Sh. 1,500) Romannes, black vest (model’s own), gold sequin shorts (Sh. 1,500) Romannes, red bow ankle cuff heels (Sh. 6,000) Purple Patch.

Diamante earrings (Sh. 3,500) red sequin dress (Sh. 7,000) Purple Patch, black strappy heels (Sh. 3,900) Mode Chateau.

Even if you think sequins aren't for you, try incorporating some diva-level sparkle into your own look with these sophisticated styles. Model: Temina Kavelwa Styling : Connie Aluoch Styling Management Fashion Assistants: Stephanie Njoki...
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10 Jan

Viva Vivo

Ivory A-line dress (Sh. 4,250) Vivo Activewear, green drop ankara earrings (Sh. 1,800),ankara mesh cape (Sh. 7,500) all from Yaka Yeke, red flounce shift dress (Sh. 4,250) Vivo Activewear, multi coloured sandals (Sh. 6,000) Purple Patch.

Green one shoulder body suit (Price on request), red belt (Price on request), black A-line skirt (Price on request) all from Vivo Activewear, stretch bangles (Sh. 1,500) Yaka Yeke, red heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Blue Ankara drop earrings (Sh. 1,800) Yaka Yeke, pink halter dress (Price on request), brown belt (Price on request), brass rings (Price on request) all from Vivo Activewear, black stiletto heels (Sh. 2,500) Kaybe Collection.

Rope necklace (Sh. 2,500) Yaka Yeke, bat wing dress (Price on request) Vivo Activewear, brass bangles (Price on request) Vivo Activewear yellow chunky heels (Sh. 2,800) Kaybe Collection.

Layered necklace (Sh. 3,500) Yaka Yeke, Alba Maxi (Sh. 4,500) Vivo Activewear, multi coloured heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

For winning the best retail award at the 2018 KPMG TOP 100 SME Awards, here's to Vivo Activewear. Model: Evaline Odhiambo Styling: Connie Aluoch Styling Management Fashion Assistants: Stephanie Njoki M & Tara Chao Photographer: Victor Vi-kee Murithi Makeup: Shiro Wanyoike Shoot...
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17 Dec

Short and Sweet

Straw hat (Sh. 3,800) Accessorize with Style, floral bardot top (Sh. 2500) Mode Chateau, salmon pink shorts (Sh. 3500) Woolworths, green wedges (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Sunglasses (Sh. 2,800) Dichotomy, stripped bathing suit (Sh. 5,600), blue denim shorts (Sh. 4,300) nude wedges (Sh. 4,300) all from Woolworths.

Grey hat (Sh. 3500) Accesorize with Style, floral costume (Sh. 5,600), Woolworths, white shorts (Sh. 1,500), Romannes, white sandals (Sh. 2500) Purple Patch.

Straw visor hat (Sh. 1,900) Woolworths, gold earrings (Sh. 2,500) Accessorize with Style,  red swim suit (Sh. 5,000), white crotchet shorts (Sh. 3,500) Mode Chateau.

Sunglasses (Sh. 2,900) Dichotomy, chiffon kimono (Sh. 3,000) Accessorize with Style, white body suit (Sh. 1,500) Romannes, khaki shorts (Sh. 3500) Woolworths.

If you've already been hit by the holiday fever, pack your bags and head to the beach for some sunbathing, partying and the good life. Model: Adhel Bol Styling: Connie Aluoch Styling Management Fashion...
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10 Dec

Girl, Get Up, Dress Up and Wear the Lippie

Double tassel earrings (Sh. 3,500), white floral gown (Sh. 36,000) all from Kache by Angie.

Ball earrings (Sh. 800) Accesorize with Style, pink jumpsuit (Price on request) 2NU Boutique.

Drop earrings (Sh. 3,500), fuschia dress (Sh. 19,900) all from Kache by Angie

Coben earrings (Sh. 4,000) Accesorize with Style, yellow jumpsuit (Price on request) 2NU Boutique.

Sauda's dream is to see more people living with disability on the runway. Model: Sauda M.bashir Styling: Connie Aluoch Styling Management Fashion Assistants: Stephanie Njoki M & Tara Chao Photographer: Victor Vi-kee Murithi Make up: Shiro Wanyoike ShootLocation: Lava Latte Cafe, 209 State House...
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