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11 Mar

Stylish Makanga Makeover

Yellow earrings (Sh. 450) Beauty Galore, black asymmetrical top (Sh. 3300) black high low flare pants (Sh. 4500) Adore Wear Kenya, orange gladiator heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Pearl chocker (Sh. 4500) Accesorize with Style, white off shoulder blouse (Sh. 3800) Atelier Biena, navy blue high waist, wide legged palazzo pants (Sh. 6300) Atelier Biena, sandal heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Gold earrings (Sh. 450) Beauty Galore, white floral jumpsuit (Sh. 5500) Tru Collections, brown shoes (Sh.3300) Mode Chateau.

Coloured earrings (Sh.450) Beauty Galore, mustard jumpsuit (Sh. 9500) 2NU Boutique, black sandal heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Italian girl Lucia Murotto is a makanga with Kitengela's Escobar that is registered with Wamasaa Investment. This week, we transformed her into a sexy goddess ! Personality: Lucia Murotto Styling : Connie Aluoch Styling Management Fashion...
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4 Mar

Pretty in Print

Earrings (sh. 450) Beauty Galore, pink sleeveless turtle neck crop top (Sh. 800) Romannes, grey floral skirt (Sh. 1500) Romannes, pink heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Yellow tassel earrings (Sh. 450) Beauty Galore, olive green body suit (Sh. 800) Romannes, floral palazzo pants (Sh. 3500) Mode Chateau, brown heels (Sh. 3300) Mode Chateau.

Gold hoops (Sh. 450) Beauty Galore, pink sleeveless top (Sh. 800) Romannes,  grey floral pants (Sh. 4000) Tru Collections, blue heels (Sh. 3300) Mode Chateau.

White bardot top (Sh. 1500)Fashion Moments, floral pants (Sh. 1800) Mode Chateau, maroon clear heel boots (Sh. 3000) Mode Chateau.

Gold hoops (Sh. 450)Beauty Galore, red turtleneck (Sh. 1500) Fashion Moments,  blue floral palazzo pants (Sh. 3500)Mode Chateau, green wedges (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.
Pulling of a print may look difficult, mysterious even but if you get it right, girl everyone would want to be right with you! The rule of the thumb...
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12 Feb

Made in Heaven

Celeste: Dangle earrings (Sh 500) Beauty Galore Kenya, black floral dress (Sh 12000) Felcity’s, red strappy heels (Sh. 3,900) Instyle shoez.

Njugush: Red bow tie, lapel pin & pocket square (Sh. 3000) , white cotton shirt (Sh. 4500), black 3 piece suit (Sh 15000) all from Bespoke City, black dress shoes (Sh. 15000) Mohendrix.

Celeste: Gold rhinestone earrings (Sh 500) Beauty Galore , floral dress (Sh 12000)  and rose gold heel (Sh 8,500) both from Felicity’s.

Nugush: Floral print tie, pocket square and lapel pin (Sh 3000), white cotton shirt (Sh4500) and navy blue three piece suit (Sh.15000) all from Bespoke City, dark brown dress shoes (Sh 25000) Naneuleshan Apparel.

Celeste: Gold chunky earrings (Sh 450) Beauty Galore, gold & black sleeveless gown (Sh 23000) from Felicity’s, gold strappy heels (Sh 3900) Instyle Shoez.

Njugush: Golden collar pin ( Sh 1500), black winged collar shirt (Sh4500), red velvet tuxedo (Sh12500) al from Bespoke City, Black dress shoes (Sh 25000) Naneulehan Apparel.

Celeste: Multicolored dangle earrings (Sh 450) Beauty Galore, blue lace dress (Sh14000) Felicity’s, silver heels (Sh 7999) Kache by Angie.

Njugush: Red bow tie (Sh. 2500) Naneuleshan, white cotton shirt (Sh 4500), navy blue two piece suit (Sh 10000) all from Bespoke City, black official shoes (Sh 8500) Backyard Men.


Celebrity couple Timothy Kimani a.k.a NJUGUSH and Celestine Ndinda a.k.a open up about their love story. Model: NJUGUSH & Celestine Ndinda Styling : Connie Aluoch Styling Management Fashion Assistants: Stephanie Njoki M & Tara Chao Photographer: Victor Vi-kee Murithi Model Provided By: Versatilemodels AndConcepts...
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5 Feb

Strip Tease

Yellow tassel earrings (Sh. 2200) Kache by Angie, stripped jumpsuit (Sh. 5200) Mode Chateau, purple heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Yellow tassel earrings (Sh. 1000) Accessorize with Style, stripped shirtdress (Sh. 5600) Mode Chateau, brown sandal heels (Sh. 2000) Mode Chateau.

Earrings (Sh. 2500) Accessorize with Style, stripped shirt (Sh. 4900) Dichotomy, blue jeans (Sh. 5900) Dichotomy, stripped heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

Gold earrings (Sh. 2500) Accessorize with Style, stripped shirtdress (Sh.1200) Romannes, ripped jeans (Sh. 1500) Romannes, blue gladiator heels (Sh. 3000) Mode Chateau.

Earrings (Sh. 2500) Accessorize with Style, crop top and skirt (Sh. 1500) Romannes, red gladiator heels (Sh. 2000) Mode Chateau.

The great things about stripe is that they never date. They're just as much on trend now as they were when Coco Chanel first wore the Breton top in...
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28 Jan

It’s In The Jeans

Denim shirt (Sh. 800) Romannes, denim skirt (Sh. 4,990) Mango, black heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch.

White earrings (Sh. 1,000) Accessorize with Style, Blue denim shirt (Sh. 6,200) Woolworths, denim buttons pichi (Sh. 4,990) Mango, floral chunky heel (Sh. 3,300) Shoeholic shoes.

Earrings (Sh. 2,000) Accessorize with Style, pocket soft shirt (Sh. 4,990) Mango, Olivia organic cotton skinny jeans (Sh. 6,490) Mango, white sandal heels (Sh. 6,000) Purple Patch.

Necklace (Sh. 2,500) Accessorize with Style, stripped blouse (Sh. 2,500) Woolworths, vintage light wash denim jacket (Sh. 6,990) Mango, blue skinny jeans (Sh.1,800) Romannes, burgundy heels (Sh. 6,000) Purple Patch.

When stepping out in double denim, make sure all your pieces have a similar vibe, like the relaxed feel of distressed chambray button-down and straight-leg jeans with a frayed...
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