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12 Feb

Made in Heaven

Celeste: Dangle earrings (Sh 500) Beauty Galore Kenya, black floral dress (Sh 12000) Felcity’s, red strappy heels (Sh. 3,900) Instyle shoez.

Njugush: Red bow tie, lapel pin & pocket square (Sh. 3000) , white cotton shirt (Sh. 4500), black 3 piece suit (Sh 15000) all from Bespoke City, black dress shoes (Sh. 15000) Mohendrix.

Celeste: Gold rhinestone earrings (Sh 500) Beauty Galore , floral dress (Sh 12000)  and rose gold heel (Sh 8,500) both from Felicity’s.

Nugush: Floral print tie, pocket square and lapel pin (Sh 3000), white cotton shirt (Sh4500) and navy blue three piece suit (Sh.15000) all from Bespoke City, dark brown dress shoes (Sh 25000) Naneuleshan Apparel.

Celeste: Gold chunky earrings (Sh 450) Beauty Galore, gold & black sleeveless gown (Sh 23000) from Felicity’s, gold strappy heels (Sh 3900) Instyle Shoez.

Njugush: Golden collar pin ( Sh 1500), black winged collar shirt (Sh4500), red velvet tuxedo (Sh12500) al from Bespoke City, Black dress shoes (Sh 25000) Naneulehan Apparel.

Celeste: Multicolored dangle earrings (Sh 450) Beauty Galore, blue lace dress (Sh14000) Felicity’s, silver heels (Sh 7999) Kache by Angie.

Njugush: Red bow tie (Sh. 2500) Naneuleshan, white cotton shirt (Sh 4500), navy blue two piece suit (Sh 10000) all from Bespoke City, black official shoes (Sh 8500) Backyard Men.


Celebrity couple Timothy Kimani a.k.a NJUGUSH and Celestine Ndinda a.k.a open up about their love story.

Model: NJUGUSH & Celestine Ndinda
Styling : Connie Aluoch Styling Management
Fashion Assistants: Stephanie Njoki M & Tara Chao
Photographer: Victor Vi-kee Murithi
Model Provided By: Versatilemodels AndConcepts Kenya
Makeup: Stephanie Cherono
Hair: Shiro Wanyoike
Shoot Location: Royal Tulip Canaan Nairobi, Tigoni Road off Chaka Road, Kilimani.

Naneuleshan Apparel; Mezzanine Floor. Adlife Plaza, Ring Road, Kilimani.
Mohendrix Mens Deejays Veejays Kenya; Mezzanine Floor. Adlife Plaza, Ring Road, Kilimani.
Bespoke City; Tel: +254714324387. View Park Towers, Utalii Lane. Nairobi, Kenya
Kache by Angie ; Ground floor, Junction Mall. Tel: +25473701482
Felicity’s KE; Sifa Towers, Ground Floor. Tel +254735009692
Backyard men’s shoez; Bandari plaza, Woodvale Grove Westlands, Nairobi

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