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23 May

Cold Weather

Don't sweat it Dig out those cosy sweaters from the closet and let's show you how to rock them in an easy, brezzy way to make heads turn. Photography: Wilberforce Okwirry Make Up: Carole Nzioka Model Director: Punglu.com by Letoya Johnstone Fashion Assistant: Watira Chitwa Accessorize with Style, Yaya, Arwing Kodhek Backyard Shoez, Adlife Plaza, Arwing Kodhek Marcus en Clad, Jamia Mall, Stal; NO. F48 & F49 Vivo Activewear, Yaya, Arwing Kodhek Romannes, 1st Flr, Veretan House, Moi Avenue Truworths Fashion, 2nd Flr, Yaya, Arwing Kodhek...
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