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21 Jun

Dandy Dad

Gold Cleopatra earrings (Sh. 500) Beauty Galore, black dress with frill details (Price on Request) Nato Woman, PVC heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch, Manhattan TV Unit 60 (Sh. 49,000), statue deco (Sh. 12000), eagle deco (Sh. 12000) all from Victoria Courts.

Statement necklace (Model’s Own), velvet black jumpsuit (Price on Request) Nato Woman, wooden pot (Sh. 4000), wooden partitions (Price on Request) all from Victoria Courts.

Grey fascinator (Sh. 4500), Accessorize with Style, sequin skater dress (Price on Request) Nato Woman, belt (Model’s Own), black heel sandals (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch, cushions (Sh. 2000), wooden partitions (Price on Request) all from Victoria Courts.

Embelished yellow squares (Sh. 450) Beauty Galore, black tulle top (Sh. 8500), black flared trouser (Sh. 8500) all from Nato Woman, Riviera book case (Sh. 35,000),  purple flowers (Sh. 300), wooden flower vase (Sh. 3500) all from Victoria Courts.

Mustard gold necklace (Sh. 500) Beauty Galore, black velvet dress (Sh. 10000) Nato Woman, black heels (Sh. 6000) Purple Patch, assorted mirrors (Price on Request), tricycle vase (Sh. 10000) all from Victoria Courts.

This Father’s Day, we hang out with Terence creative and his adorable family. The radio presenter and content developer shares the joys of raising his four-month old daughter.
Personality: Terence creative
Styling : Connie Aluoch Styling Management
Fashion Assistants: Stephanie Njoki M & Tara Chao
Photographer: Victor Murithi
Makeup & hair: Shiro Wanyoike
Shoot Location: Versatilemodels AndConcepts Kenya , 6th Floor, Studio House- Marcus Garvey Road

Naneuleshan Apparel, Adlife Plaza , Mezzanine Floor.
Backyard Shoez. Tel: +254 720 596844.
WOOLWORTHS, 1st Floor. Tel: +254 720 948314.

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